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06 Dec Windsor Deli

Windsor Deli – Come For A Sandwich, Stay For A Cookie. Or Three.


Windsor Deli is as local as local gets. It’s hidden on Gertrude and Hornby, close enough to Chapel Street to feel its trendy pull, but far enough that the average stroller wouldn’t think to walk along residential side streets for a feed. The compact corner deli stands alone amongst a slice of South side suburbia. It’s not one of those trendy Chapel Street cafes that lures in unassuming hipsters with chalkboard signs flaunting their Fair Trade Costa Rican cold drip. No, this place doesn’t need all that. They do simple food, made right, and that’s more than enough for Windsor residents and beyond.

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“I’d say 85 percent of our customers have faces we see everyday,” said owner-operator, Simon Sheridan.

You wouldn’t guess that this version of the deli has only been up and running for three years. We say “this version” because the “Windsor Delicatessen” has been around for ages, first as a milk bar, then a news agent, a deli, and now as a mashup of all three, only with better wall art, Coffee, and Sandwiches as big as your head. Sheridan kept the name as is for iconic reasons.

So what does one hope to devour upon entering a deli? The big-as-your-head Sandwiches, of course. Big, meaty (or vegetable-y), juicy, Grilled Sandwiches. The kind that you need two hands to hold and many bites to finish. Like the Chicken, Bacon, Avo, AKA the Number 2, although we think it’s number 1. We also wouldn’t kick their legendary version of a Reuben out of bed, complete with Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese and Beetroot. New York meets Melbourne in every bite.

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If you managed to eat sitting down, you deserve a medal because the deli could maybe seat 12 people inside and out. We’d suggest you hold down the fort just a while longer so you can try one or three of their famous Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, if there are any left. These bad boys sell out every weekend, which is quite the accomplishment considering they bake over 2,000 a week for 43 venues throughout Melbourne. Don’t say that you’re too full. There’s always room for sweets. Besides, they’re gluten free, so they’re healthy, right?

QUICK TIPS: Snapshot of How To Do Windsor Deli

Getting There: Parking can be OK, but inspectors are strict down this neck of the woods so keep an eye out. You can walk from Chapel St and High St easy, but if you’ve given it a nudge the night before, get a lift/drive/take an Uber.

Come for: The Sandwiches, namely Chicken + Avo and the Jerked Chicken (check the menu) and the Cookies. Even if you’re on a diet, just get one. It’s a box ticker.

Windsor Deli

33 Hornby Street

Windsor, VIC 3181

03 9529 3001


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