Windsor Deli, Windsor’s Hidden Sandwich Oasis.

Windsor Deli, Windsor’s Hidden Sandwich Oasis.

“No one else was doing it. I couldn’t find it anywhere.” – Windsor Deli Owner, Simon “The Sandwich Lord” Sheridan.


Come for the sandwiches, stay for the coffee, come back for the cookies.

Windsor Deli has fast made a name for itself with locals, who, if you are one, don’t just rock up. Foot traffic isn’t really an option – it’s tucked away on the corner of Hornby and Gertrude making it more of a discovery than anything. Even if there were competition from surrounding shops (it sits in a sea of residences), this home-away-from-home would see no less foot traffic through the door. Why? Sandwiches.

If you can find the space to sit down (you deserve a medal), follow Coulter’s recommendation and try the #2 Chicken, Bacon, Avo & Cheese that, as you see in the video, has an incredible amount of bacon. This is the main point. Windsor Deli loads up their sandwiches just as you would, home alone, with Netflix.

What everyone raves about, says owner Simon Sheridan, is the #9 Jerk Chicken Sandwich w Apple Coleslaw, Mozzarella & Hot Sauce.

“It’s all about the Jerk Chicken. We noticed no one was doing it – you couldn’t find it anywhere.”

And so they did, and it’s been going ever since. It’s one thing to do a new sandwich, and another to nail it. The secret to a nailing a great Jerk Chicken Sandwich? The spice.

“It’s a combination of Pimento (AllSpice), Black Peppercorn, a really zesty Lime and a really, really strong habanero base – that’s your kick.”

Hood Food Guide had the pleasure of trying (all of) these and can safely say we’re coming back. Small and unassuming, everyone is welcome at the deli-slash-cafe that does simple comfort food just right, like the Cookies.

“It’s pretty hard to walk past this place without stopping and getting one”, said Coulter.

Baked daily by the staff, Windsor Deli pumps out the sweetest Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re gluten free, too. Watch the episode to start your drool-fest over them, though. The deli sells out every weekend and Simon, the owner, now makes over 2,000 a week for 43 venues through out Melbourne, including Classic Cinema in Elsternwick and The Astor Theatre in Windsor. Can’t make it in? They also sell their cookies at a stall in the middle of the Hank Marvin Markets in St. Kilda East every Saturday from 8 to 3.

Oh, and you heard it on Hood Food Guide first– if you think their Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are good, get ready for some festive swag with their Gingerbread Houses, on sale for Christmas!

Getting There: Parking can be OK, but inspectors are strict down this neck of the woods so keep an eye out. You can walk from Chapel St and High St easy, but if you’ve given it a nudge the night before, get a lift/drive/take an Uber.

Come for: The Sandwiches (namely Chicken + Avo and the Jerked Chicken) and the Cookies. Even if you’re on a diet, just get one. It’s a box ticker.

33 Hornby Street

Windsor, VIC 3181

03 9529 3001

Words by Rebecca Bellan

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