Windsor & Co. Block Party Breakdown

Windsor & Co Block Party by Hood Food Guide for Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

13 Mar Windsor & Co. Block Party Breakdown

For those of you who didn’t get the pleasure of attending the Windsor & Co. Block Party last Sunday, sucks to be you. Here’s what you missed.


Tasty AF food. And fast.

The line up was a who’s who of Windsor’s culinary A Team, backing up our theory that food is now just as important as the beats at events. Hanoi Hannah (feat. In Hood Food Guide Episode One), Hawker Hall, Mr. Miyagi (feat. In What’s Grub Got To Do With It? Episode One) and Gelato Messina all made appearances, offering plates for the refreshingly reasonable price of $6 a pop. Cheap, fast, and high quality.

Hawker Hall’s Nyonya style Popcorn Chicken with Spicy Mayo tasted even better after but five minutes of waiting as opposed to the usual 3 hour wait for a table. Gelato Messina, sadly, was awkwardly positioned by the dance floor, so if your bucket got knocked down by some happy dirtbag, Hood Food Guide can commiserate with you and hope that you had at least a few spoonfuls of that cold milk and sugar.

WATCH: Want to knock Windsor’s best venues off your bucket list? Watch Episode One of Hood Food Guide with Nick Coulter of Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally & Tokyo Tina.

Kinda Cold Beer

Things were kept simple in the bar department with most punters lining up at the main bar for a beer, cider or white. On a steamy day like yesterday, the Doss Blockos’ Pale Lager was going down a treat. Unfortunately, the only long wait for the day was for booze, which we feel was a result of not expecting every man and his dreadlock turning up. They did well, considering, but there’s no way the thimble sized glass of V O’Clock Sav Blanc was quenching anyone’s thirst.

Beats For Days

The diverse, dance driving beats were the backbone of the party, sending out enough bass to make your heart thump and African vibe to make it sing, courtesy of top DJ talent Chris Ng, Teon Jay and MzRizk (DJ).

The significant number of pretty South Siders in the crowd seemed to be in mixed minds about the tunes with confused looks on their face, showing more interest in parading around than enjoying the party like the other 1000’s of locals. Very amusing. Don’t change.

Diverse Vibes

Locals were in full bevvy-slamming, back-slapping festival mode. By late afternoon, Artists Lane was heaving with merry Melbournians, so much so they might need to take over more of Windsor next time to contain all the fun and frivolity. The crowd was excellent, offering a cross-section of Melbourne’s multicultural city with what seemed like every race possible and a healthy sprinkling of good looking South Siders, all working toward a common goal – letting their hair down.


Very, very good. The Windsor & Co Block Party celebrated everything we love about Windsor — great local food, local talent and booze. It’s hard to believe it was run by the council, but they nailed the “How do we get locals engaged and to like something we do?” question.

Other Councils around Melbourne, take note. This is how you turn a suburb into a community.


Words by Elyse Wurm

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