Underwood Wine Bar, North Fitzroy’s Best Date Spot in What’s Grub Got To Do With it?

Underwood Wine Bar, North Fitzroy’s Best Date Spot in What’s Grub Got To Do With it?

Underwood Wine Bar, an intimate, un-fussy space that will banish any first-date awkwardness with saloon-wrought suave, is Karen Batson’s choice for the best date spot in North Fitzroy. Karen, with her partner Gaye, showed our crew her absolute favourite local hotspot when romance is on the cards. It’s fair to say 90% of the episode was a much-welcomed piss-take, but the venue choice was not.

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“One of my favourite places to go for a date is to go to the Underwood,” said Batson, conjuring up all the cheesiness she could muster. “It’s just really nice how you can, you know, stretch across the table and look into someone’s eyes and have a little conversation.”

Gaye’s couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her response?

“I would rather go to somewhere like… Bounce.”


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Underwood Wine Bar is a casual, disarming, home-away-from-home where you can be yourself, which is A1 advice for a date.

“I really love having a little glass of wine (in) a nice space, chill out with some music and have a chat,” said Batson. “Nice Antipasto. Charcuterie,” both women agreed.

“They’ve got that gorgeous window out the front there where you can just sit and watch people go by,” noted Gaye.

“And they’ve also got a little fireplace.”

“Where?” asked Batson.

“There,” remarked Gaye, as we panned across to the smallest, yet effective, heating device known to man. So good.

“You call that a fireplace?! Fuck off,” said Batson as everyone in the bar, including crew and other guests, pissed themselves.

“Well I came here last week and it was ROARING.”

This kind of episode is why we started the show. Melbourne’s got a ripping food scene, and even better people running it.

Hood Food Guide – Where The Flavour’s At.


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Underwood Wine Bar

181 St George’s Road

Fitzroy North, VIC 3068

(03) 9489 5764

Words by Tom Nijam

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