What’s Grub Got To Do With It? Collingwood’s Best Date Spot With Casey Wall.

What’s Grub Got To Do With It? Collingwood’s Best Date Spot With Casey Wall.

Lazer Pig is Casey Wall’s pick for best date spot in Collingwood. We’ll trust Wall on this one because, as one of our hosts for Hood Food Guide Episode Two and co-owner of Rockwell and Sons, he’s the expert on the neighbourhood’s best grub.


Nothing like a classic pizza place to take the edge off a date. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? It’s the ultimate crowd pleaser. Tasty, shareable, and made for take away if the date goes sour and you need to “get outta here.” At Lazer Pig they take it up a notch, even for Melbourne’s lofty standards, with their five-year-old sourdough crust that Wall says is a game changer. Good crust is important, and it’s not surprising that Lazer Pig has their down pat. If you dig a little deeper into the restaurant’s past (for those playing at home), you’ll find that Lazer Pig is a co-lab of A Boy Named Sue in St. Andrews and The Grace Darling Hotel just across the road, both high quality venues with good pub feels and Italian-inspired cuisine.

The unique, alluring venue offers smokey wood-oven fired pizzas, inspired pastas of the day, and even delicious burgers. Watch the flashing lights glitter over your date’s face as they try, and fail, to eat politely. Take turns pointing out the weird tchotchkes as you swig a Hawkers IPA, and just generally vibe out. The atmosphere is one of acceptance and merriment. It’s always full of friends and couples out celebrating life, so you’ll have more than enough opportunities to find a buffer should the date go awkward.

When Casey took his partner Tiff, owner of Two Row Bar on Smith Street, they split two pizzas and a pasta– The Ronny J, “sweet and a little bit of heat,” and the Broc Steady, a green, Pesto and Broccoli pizza, along with the pasta of the day, a Slow Braised Lamb with Penne and Pork and Sausage Ragu topped with Parmesan.

Whether you’re on a date with a new beau or an old flame, Casey says that it’s always important to find a good, local pizza place to wind down with that special someone and devour some carbs. And Lazer Pig has got that comfortable local feel with enough weird toppings on their untraditional dough to entertain the adventurous Melbourne palate. And that’s why Lazer Pig is the best date spot in Collingwood, according to him.

Date going well? Follow in Casey’s footsteps and hit up The Gertrude Hotel or The Everleigh to keep the ball rolling.

– HFG.

Lazer Pig

9-11 Peel Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066
03 9417 1177

Big shout out to Acid Slop for the original theme song for the show, “What’s Grub”.

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