United Arab Eatery: The Middle East of North Melbourne

United Arab Eatery Best Dinner in Preston

24 Mar United Arab Eatery: The Middle East of North Melbourne

Showcasing the undeniable flavours of the Middle East, United Arab Eatery takes Preston on a cross-cultural culinary adventure, bringing traditional dishes from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Morocco to Melbourne. It’s rad.

Run by Peter Hall and Elena Bonnici, formerly of Munster Haus on St George’s Rd, North Fitzroy (and remember Pizza Meine Liebe from Episode Three in Northcote with Jesse Gerner? It’s THAT Elena.), United Arab Eatery is not dissimilar in mood and character. Furnishing an inviting space to enjoy a thoughtful meal, United Arab Eatery is a melting pot of vibrant culture and food. Crafted with refined style, it’s plating up real food with real flavour.

Pushing traditional dishes well beyond the standard fare

The wholefood-inflected menu is undeniably authentic to its cultural roots. Part-owner Peter, although being a vegetarian himself, recommends trying the Honey King Prawns roasted with Kaitafi, Fennel Cucumber Slaw, Truffle Vinaigrette and Radish or the Marinated Lamb Fillet with Quinoa Tabouleh, Smokey Babaganouj, Beetroot Pickle and Warm Garlic Pita – two of their best selling dishes.

Sharing food expresses hospitality and friendship in Middle Eastern culture and it’s no different here in Melbourne. Order as many dishes as you can fit on a table and have at it with your hands. Double-dip that sucker, Hoodlum!

Word on the Street

Try the U.N. Pizza here and at Pizza Meine Liebe to compare. Also, eat as much as you possibly can for dinner and grab a takeaway lunch pack to take to work the next day.


United Arab Eatery

107 High Street, Preston

VIC 3072

(03) 94804044


Words by Elise Assim

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