Treat Yo’Self North Fitzroy: Epic Samosas with Karen Batson

Treat Yo’Self North Fitzroy: Epic Samosas with Karen Batson

While the rest of Melbourne lines up for kebabs, Karen Batson runs handfuls of spicy and decadent Samosas, her favourite spice-filled Indian treat and stumbling distance from her home in North Fitzroy. Hood Food Guide caught up with Batson during the act.


Where are you gonna Treat Yo’Self if you’re following your stomach in North Fitzroy? Karen Batson–executive chef of Colonel Tan’s, Magic Mountain Saloon, Cookie, Boney– would call you a fool if you went anywhere but Horn Please for some spicy, hot and flavourful Samosas. While one might say Karen has a rather advanced palette and a tendency to send her taste buds on an Eastern persuasion, she is clearly not above any of us when she gets a hankering for a flaky, fried ball of dough.

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Only her dough ball is an authentic Indian Samosa, stuffed with Squash, Potatoes, Peas and Spices, wrapped lovingly and cone-like in a flaky Pastry and covered in a sweet Tamarind Sauce.

“I’ve found my new heaven,” she said as she broke into one of those bad boys, hands first. “It’s all about the hands with Indian food,” she said.

Batson traipsed around the city looking for the perfect Samosas to be her perfect remedy and bedtime snack after she’s been out with friends on a Saturday, and was thrilled when she found Horn Please just so close to home in North Fitzroy.

The best samosas in North Fitzroy? Yes. The best in Melbourne? You tell us.

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Horn Please


167 St Georges Rd

Fitzroy North VIC 3068

(03) 9497 8101

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