Treat Yo’Self Episode Two: Collingwood’s Most Indulgent Food.

Treat Yo’Self Episode Two: Collingwood’s Most Indulgent Food.

There are only so many food choices we can make in our daily lives. On those days where you’re needing something a little special, a little pick me up, it’s time to Treat Yo’Self.


If you’re following your stomach in Collingwood, there is no better place to indulge those taste buds than Rockwell and Sons.


Now, we know it’s sort of a conflict of interest to talk about the food at Rockwell and Sons since the owners, Casey Wall and Manu Potoi, are our hosts for Hood Food Guide Episode Two. But when it’s your business to make the tastiest possible version of indulgent food day in day out, it makes complete sense for Casey to turn to his own kitchen in his times of need.

That’s why he took us back to Collingwood to the Rockwell kitchen to create a special off-menu VIP burger he’s titled the Hood Food Guide Burger with Double Patty, Cheese, Pickled Jalapeños, Bacon, and a “Spicy Special Sauce,” described by Chef Wall as “heaps of super special things. Sauced up.”

Did we detect a hint of pickle?

“Indeed you did.”

The first bite of the HFGB is hard to describe. Your mind sort of turns to the consistency of the burger, soft and warm and buttery. This isn’t one of those burgers that spits out avocados and pineapples and beetroot upon first chomp. You don’t need to unhinge your jaw to get after the HFGB. Rather, you melt into it. You sink. Every other burger you’ve eaten before this one will seem too dense, too busy, and you’re wondering why anyone ever bothered putting lettuce and tomato on a burger before.

So there you have it. If you’re not feeling the burger, you’re wrong.

But you can always take a trip back to Casey’s homeland of North Carolina and get after his Biscuits and Gravy – a staple in any Southern home. Buttery, flakey Biscuits with a thick, white Pork Sausage Sawmill Gravy. Most importantly? Wash that thing down with an ice cold beer.

Love the burger as much as we do? Want to Treat Yo’Self with the HFGB? The only way to get your hands on this VIP off-menu monster is to order it by name at their Collingwood venue – Hood Food Guide Burger.

Enjoy, Hoodlum.


Rockwell and Sons

288 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066

03 8415 0700

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