Northcote’s Best Burger and Best Gelato: Treat Yo’Self Episode Three

Northcote’s Best Burger and Best Gelato: Treat Yo’Self Episode Three

Treat Yo’ Self Jesse Gerner’s way with the best burger and the best gelato in Melbourne….and sometimes Northcote, and sometimes in a truck. Northcote is the centre of the universe when Mr Burger and Billy Van Creamy make an appearance. 

Food trucks are a treat in and of themselves. You’re walking down the street, maybe feeling peckish, and then BAM! You’re confronted with a mini restaurant, ready to quickly, and more or less cheaply, serve you a single type of food that they happen to prepare very well. If the truck you pass is Mr Burger, the smell of greased up mince and saucy chips will have you throwing your cash at the cooks and digging in on a nearby curb. At least, that’s what our host for Hood Food Guide Episode Three in Northcote did. Jesse Gerner’s guilty pleasure starts with the Mr Burger truck on Rucker’s Hill and ends with the Billy Van Creamy truck, sometimes located conveniently next to it. 

If there’s a more heavily contested title than ‘best burger in Melbourne’, we don’t know it. Mr Burger emphasises locally sourced, quality ingredients and well-thought out burger designs, making you a saint by default (good on you, treating yo’self like that) and them a contestant in the best burger of Melbourne competition. You’ll feel no guilt ordering a classic single patty, thin and juicy, like the Mr Burger or the Mr Meat. Add on a second–because you can–with the Mr Double, a classic times two, complete with double Cheese, double Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, and Trucker Sauce (yes, another ‘secret’ sauce you lick off your fingers). Need sides? Is that even a question?  Get the Trucker Chips, covered in Bacon, Cheese and, of course, Trucker Sauce.

If you treat yo’self on the reg, just move to Ruckers Hill. Gerner, like the champ he is, got it together to walk two metres to his right and fit in dessert from the guys in the Billy Van Creamy truck, and why the hell not? 

Billy Van Creamy deliver organic, hand-made, cold sugar with no nasty synthetic emulsifiers or stabilisers. Alex and Mitch Wells left their bar jobs and went out on a limb to start Billy and have gone from pouring doubles to scooping them, and so far it’s paying off.  Do not skip on their classic Macadamia Nut organic Gelato, or the Warm Brownie served with cold organic Gelato. It’s our show and we still rewind to Jesse tearing into that thing. Mio Dio.

FYI: Mr Burger has five stores around Melbourne and nearly a dozen trucks that run from Geelong to Broadmeadows. You can find out where their trucks are or where they’ll be on any give day here. To find the Billy Van Creamy trucks, you’ll have to follow them on social media, naturally. Here’s their Twitter. AND. They have a pop-up store in North Fitzroy at the moment – take advantage fast.

Mr Burger Truck

Ruckers Hill once a week minimum

No phone.

Billy Van Creamy

Ruckers Hill once a week minimum or their pop up at 27 Best Street, North Fitzroy.

No phone.

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