Best Vietnamese Roll in Collingwood: Trang Bakery

Trang Bakery Collingwood

10 Jan Best Vietnamese Roll in Collingwood: Trang Bakery

You can easily convince yourself that it’s unreasonable to wait in line under the 1 pm Aussie sun for a sandwich. Unless, however, it’s the Trang Bakery Vietnamese Roll, fresh, cheap and delicious as hell.

If you find yourself in this queue, attempting to divert the churned anticipation of your stomach by losing yourself in an Insta-scroll, you’re like many others who have either tasted, or been regaled with stories about, the Trang Bakery Vietnamese Roll. The queue is a right of passage to that blissful moment you walk into Trang Bakery and one of the sweet Vietnamese ladies behind the counter gives you her attention. 

WATCH: Trang Bakery in Episode Two of Hood Food Guide: Collingwood w Rockwell & Sons’ Casey Wall & Manu Potoi.

$5. That’s all it costs for a crazy good Vietnamese Roll, the flavours of Vietnam and France mingled together in every explosively good bite. There’s just nothing like a quality Banh Mi, with just the right about of well-marinated meat, crunchy Pickled Vegetables, Coriander and Chili. But Trang kicks it up a notch with their Crispy Pork Vietnamese Roll, made with Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder, Fried Onions, Pork Crackling, Pickles and Cole Slaw. Their veggie Banh Mis are to wait for as well, like the Lemongrass Tofu or Vegan Roast Duck.
You might dabble with some of the other offerings, like the Steamed Dumplings, perhaps an Iced Coffee, burnt and bitter and loaded with Sweetened Condensed Milk. But if you’re waiting in line with the rest of Collingwood for lunch, you know you’re waiting for a roll.

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