Are There Better Hosts For Hood Food Guide Episode Two? We Think Not.

Rockwell & Sons Top Ten Restaurant

09 Dec Are There Better Hosts For Hood Food Guide Episode Two? We Think Not.

Melbourne’s food scene. It’s exciting. It’s big. And we evaluate it through “Top Ten” lists.

Eater and feeder alike, we are all slaves to those damn Top Ten lists of “Melbourne’s best this,” and “Melbourne’s best that.” If you can’t recite who tops the list today, you’re almost not a real Melbourne foodie.

And if you haven’t heard of Manu Potoi or Casey Wall and their decadent Collingwood venue, Rockwell and Sons, you haven’t been reading the lists. The two have concocted one of the most consistently rated Top Ten Burgers in the city, and they’re our hosts for Episode Two of Hood Food Guide in Collingwood. If you know them like we do, the best spots to eat in the neighbourhood will only be the beginning.

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Casey (formerly of Cutler & Co. and The Spotted Pig in New York) & Manu’s (formerly of Stokehouse, Attica, and believe it or not Silicon Valley) Double Patty Smash Burger, Pressed Rib Sandwich, and Fried Chicken are some of, if not the, best American-style dishes you’ll find in Melbourne. To hell with the lists. They are the list.

The famous Double Patty Smash Burger that has been the talk of food blogs, magazines and word-of-mouth alike is made from two juicy, thin patties smothered in gooey Kraft cheese singles and a mayo-ketchup sauce, and then sandwiched between a soft and buttered bun. If you’ve already tried the burger, the Pressed Rib Sandwich, made with some down-home BBQ Sauce, Dill, Fennel and Onion is utterly life-changing and one for the connoisseur.

For a taste of Casey’s insanely good, South Carolina-style Buttermilk Fried Chicken (cruelly hidden from their daily menu), get in line. They serve up that crispy, tender stuff but once a week, which causes their Wednesdays to be booked out well in advance (six weeks last we checked) and guests vowing to never have to eat again.

There’s something for everyone at the sophisticated Collingwood spot, and you can really see where the two guys pulled from previous job and life experiences. You’ll walk in hungry and walk out unbuttoning your jeans, in real American fashion.

If you know what’s good for you, catch them in Hood Food Guide Episode Two: It’s Where The Flavour’s At.

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Words by Rebecca Bellan.



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