Hood Food Guide Presents: Northcote with Jesse Gerner

Hood Food Guide Presents: Northcote with Jesse Gerner

In Episode Three of Hood Food Guide, Jesse Gerner, owner of Bomba in the CBD, Añada in Fitzroy, Green Park in North Carlton and most recently Pierre’s with their North Carlton pop up, is our host for the evening, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Jesse took us and his close friends Adam D’Sylva (Coda, Tonka), Leanne Clancey (Food Writer) and Marty McQuilten (Atticus Finch) along for the ride.


The guy has been in the industry for many moons and Northcote is his stomping ground, so if ever there was an authority to pick out the restaurants that deserve your attention, it would be Gerner. 

QUICK TIPS: Check out our snapshot of the Northcote episode. We’ll put the highlights in writing for you.

Some might argue that Northcote is where the original Melbourne hipsters set up shop. It’s trendy per Melbourne standards but has a bit more of an established arty scene than some of the newer, ‘cool’ neighbourhoods. A stroll up and down High Street could lead you to an arthouse film, an indie gallery, a moldy bookshop, and of course, some of the best cuisine in the city.

READ: Want to know how Gerner got to where he is? Check out his back story.

Hood Food Guide is a passion project we started over a year ago. We’re just a group of filmmakers with an insatiable appetite for tasty food and a desire to celebrate our local restaurant heroes. Our mission is not only to discover the best eats in our city, but also uncover the stories from the people involved. We dare you to show us a better beast of an industry than the Melbourne hospitality scene that can entertain the masses.  

With each episode, we’ll catch up with venue owners, managers and general neighbourhood legends and locals who know the ins and outs of their home. You can find these articles and more on our READ page.

We thank you for watching the episode, but do us a real favour and get out there and eat! Check the map on the page to guide your stomach. And hey, hit us up after watching by commenting below! Ask us anything– we’d love to hear from you.


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