Best Crepes in Northcote: Myrtles Crepes and Coffee

Myrtle's Crepes - Best Crepes in Northcote

22 Jan Best Crepes in Northcote: Myrtles Crepes and Coffee

For the best crepes in Northcote, look no further than Myrtles Crepes and Coffee. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, this place pours and folds the most unique crêpes and galettes in Melbourne.

The smell of cooking sugar almost coats your tongue within seconds of walking into Myrtles Crepes and Coffee. It tastes so good, you gulp down another breath in anticipation for what’s to come. Located in the thick of it on High Street, this spot has been successfully making great crêpes since they opened in August of 2013, and the Northcote natives can’t get enough.

That’s because the owner, Rick, said that he opened Myrtles to fill a much needed dessert gap in Northcote. Rick, only 25, lived in the building where his crêperie now resides. As a resident, he listened to what his neighbours wanted and concluded that his High Street locale was the perfect space to accommodate the sweet teeth of those leaving the Palace Westgarth Cinema or any of the thriving restaurants.

This isn’t your traditional French crêperie, however. “We’re not 100 percent by the book,” he said. “I mean, we’ve got a Vegemite and cheese galette.”

On a given Friday or Saturday night, the small venue is absolutely chockers with the after dinner and cinema crowds. Myrtles can seat 12 in front under the mural of the Merri Creek Trail, 10 in the cozy back room and another 10 outside. Rick said that his crêperie has become a nighttime hangout spot for dates, yet it still draws the kids and families in during the day.

Hot tip: Go in on a Sunday. Myrtles runs a fab drink special, offering up $5 beer, wine or cider. Hooray, cheap piss!

While you have the option to create your own Crêpe or Galette–which is a savoury crêpe made with buckwheat, water and egg– the options they have already come up with can’t be beat. Lunchtime Galettes are pretty popular as they come out like a Toastie once they’re all folded up. Try the Mexican– with Kidney Beans, Salsa, Chipotle, Jalapeños, Cheese and Sour Cream–or the Lot– with Egg, Cheese, Ham, Tomato, Spinach and Mushroom. For dessert, go for one of the daily specials, like Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake or the ‘Curly Wurly.’ That’s right. They put Curly Wurly IN a crepe. Madness? Genius.

Myrtles Crepes & Coffee

59 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

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