The Best Dining in Northcote: Merricote

Merricote for best lunch and dinner in Northcote

22 Jan The Best Dining in Northcote: Merricote

A modern European bistro with gourmet Dutch influence, Northcote’s Merricote prettily plates precise seasonal dishes in an unpretentious setting.

Everything about Merricote is well-defined and exact, from the crisp white walls to the minimalist hanging light bulbs and the no-nonsense reverse bar, but that doesn’t take away from its welcoming ambiance. On the contrary, you feel as though the owners, Rob and Bronwyn Kabboord, have personally invited you to dine in their apartment. There are mostly tables of two that have the option of being pushed together, with a larger round table in the front, seating an intimate total of about 20.

Their offerings are always changing with the seasons, but the way your mouth waters when you consider your options doesn’t. The menu is broken up into Charcuterie plates, Snacks (think Cured Kingfish with Ginger and Green Tomato), Entrees, Mains, Sides, Cheeses and Desserts. Merricote also offers up the option for a Degustation Menu, complete with five courses for just $85, with the additional option of drink pairings for an extra $50. 

While we can’t promise that what is on the menu today will be there tomorrow, we can promise that you won’t have tasted anything like what you’ll get on this well thought out carte.

81 High St, Melbourne VIC 3070

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