Jungle Boy

06 Dec Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy (Behind Boston Sub)


“They’re pretty full right now,” said the thin, glasses-clad guy slinging Fries and Poutine behind the counter of the small sandwich bar that is Boston Sub. “I can let in two of you now, but the other two will have to wait until two from inside walk out.” If that’s not enough to pique your interest, we don’t know what is.

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You’ve maybe heard some talk about Jungle Boy, like their one-in-one-out rule that helps regulate the intimate and secret bar behind the unassuming sandwich shop. But there’s nothing like that moment of experiencing it for yourself, of disappearing through the cool room door into Chapel Street’s Narnia.

A warm, moist heat that can only be caused by many candle flames and bodies pressed close together will beckon you inside. Your eyes will adjust from the fluorescent lighting in Boston Sub to the sultry mood lighting of the tiki bar.

On the extensive and well-crafted cocktail list, names like Zombie and Painkiller and El Presidente jump out at you. You’ll pay good money for a cocktail served in a tiki mug anyway, but you’ll beg them to take your loot when they mix four types of choice Rums with Apricot Brandy, Fresh Lime, Pineapple and Grapefruit Juices, Sweet Almond/Rose Syrup and Bitters AKA Zombie.

QUICK TIPS: Snapshot of How To Do Jungle Boy

The music is invigorating, but quiet enough to induce good conversation in a cosy corner underneath hanging fauna and tropical art. It’s not a place for big groups. Jungle Boy is quite small and intimate, comfortably fitting maybe 25 patrons from the half-oval shaped bar at the door to the few alcoves with fireplaces along the way and the vine-covered smoker’s section in the back.

It’s an enchanting venue that romantically transports your mind to an abundant tropical paradise filled with Rum and relaxation. Only the best part is, you’re still in Melbourne when you walk out.

Getting There: Again, it’s on Chapel so parking is vicious but as it’s on the other side of High St, it’s less hectic at night. You are going to a bar, though, so don’t drink and drive; get an Uber. Tram 6 rolls right past the front door and the Windsor and Prahran train stations are close.

Come for: Chill out time and Rum. And the moment your date/acquaintance/mother says “Oh my god, there’s a bar in here? Mercy!”.

Jungle Boy

96 Chapel Street

Windsor VIC 3181

03 9943 7653


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