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06 Dec Journeyman Cafe

Journeyman Cafe


The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Journeyman for breakfast, brunch or lunch, is it’s not called Dukes Coffee Roasters anymore. The owner, Peter Frangoulis, renamed the cafe to create a clear distinction between the restaurant and the roastery. So don’t freak, the fresh-to-death Dukes coffee is still there. The next thing you’ll notice is probably the line, which is nearly out the door. Everybody and their south side mum wants to eat here. It’s a Chapel Street staple, and a true Melbourne breakfast foodie should get comfortable with the idea of patiently waiting for a table.

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Enjoy the atmosphere as you inhale an intense smell of freshly roasted coffee. The cafe has an industrial, but relaxed design, which is probably what world renowned Melbourne architect Chris Connel had in mind when he designed the place. Many Melbourne cafes are now trying to pull this sophisticated, laid back look off and Journeyman was one of the first. Exposed brick walls and untreated timber wall panels combine cleanly with warm wood cut precisely into family style tables and long benches. You just know you’ll get a precise cup of coffee in Journeyman.

The friendly staff bustles about in a sophisticated manner, no matter how slammed their breakfast service seems to be. No matter if you found yourself waiting 45 minutes for a table on a Sunday, or got seated right away during the week, you’re bound to be handed a plate with minimal wait time. Try the Sauteed Mushrooms with Muntries, Shiraz and Garlic Cream Sauce with Poached Eggs on a baguette. Or the Beetroot Cured Salmon, a Chilli and Kale Salad with Poached Eggs, Feta, Quinoa and Avocado (featured on the episode) for a crazy delicious gluten free meal.

QUICK TIPS: Snapshot of How To Do Journeyman Cafe 

Frangoulis’ menu is a cut above what else is down here. Unique, varied and seasonal, he gives people a reason to come for breakfast and stay for lunch.

Getting There: It’s on Chapel so do your best parking wise. There’s always a nook or cranny to park in. Or just double park like we didn’t. PT: tram 6 to Glen Iris rolls straight down, but both the Windsor and Prahran Train stations are close. Or, you know, walk there or ride your bike like many cyclists do on weekends.

Come for: The coffee. Beetroot Cured Salmon. People in Active Wear. And some say the best breakfast in Melbourne.


169 Chapel Street

Windsor, VIC 3181

03 9521 4884


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