Best Greek Spot in Collingwood: Jim’s Greek Tavern

Jim's Greek Tavern. Best Greek Food in Melbourne

10 Jan Best Greek Spot in Collingwood: Jim’s Greek Tavern

Old school and rowdy with a never-ending food supply, Jim’s Greek Tavern in Collingwood will have you at BYO.


Yes. All you have to worry about is what booze you’ll be bringing to the table at Jim’s Greek Tavern in Collingwood, and bring whatever you like. All bottles and patrons are welcome here, from nice reds to accompany spit-roasted meats, to a classic case of Melbourne or a few bottles of Jack to get the party going. Get that decision out of the way, and the Australian-Greek waiters will take care of the rest, with the utmost concern for how much food they can cram on your table and how much fun you’re having. Don’t ask for a menu. That’s not a thing here.

Jim’s is an establishment. They’ve been repping their Greek counterparts in Melbourne for over thirty years, nearly force-feeding guests in a traditional Greek manner with Salads, Dips, Cheeses and of course, salty Meats and smoky Seafood. If for some reason your waiter didn’t bring out melty, Caramelised Saganaki, tender Grilled Octopus, or savoury and juicy Lamb cooked on a spit, make sure to enquire after those dishes specifically.

WATCH: Jim’s Greek Tavern in Episode Two of Hood Food Guide.

The hectic atmosphere thrives on organised chaos amid the taverna-like whitewashed walls. Jim’s Greek Tavern is one of Melbourne’s truly enjoyable gems where you feel at home. Come in, sit down, have a laugh, turn your brains off and just enjoy the festivities of the night.

Jim’s Greek Tavern

32 Johnston St,

Collingwood VIC 3066

(03) 9419 3827

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