Hood Food Guide Presents: Windsor with Nick Coulter

Hood Food Guide Presents: Windsor with Nick Coulter


On our maiden voyage for Hood Food Guide, we caught up with Nick Coulter aka “The Duke of Windsor”, Co-Owner of Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally & Tokyo Tina; the venues putting Windsor on the culinary map. Along with a couple of his closest mates, he took us to the best venues in his neighbourhood. He’s dedicated his life to food. This is where he lives. These are his favourite spots. Check it out.

Hood Food Guide is a passion project we started over a year ago. Being filmmakers with a penchant for tasty food, we wanted to find the best eats in our city, but also uncover the stories from the people attached to them. The hospitality industry is a vibrant beast in Melbourne; entertainment was never going to be an issue. We visited five Windsor venues with Coulter for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and drinks.  We’ve whipped together a snapshot of what went down in Episode 1: Windsor here for those wanting specifics on the best food in Melbourne in writing.

Love our host? He’s not bad, is he. Find out more about Nick Coulter, how he got his start in the game and the ideas behind his restaurants.

Love Windsor? We’ll get along just nicely. Along with each episode, we catch up with venue owners, managers, neighbourhood legends and locals who give a damn to find out what make the place tick and why they call it home. You can find these articles and more on our READ page.

You’ve watched the episode, now get yourself eating the best food in Melbourne. Check the map on the page to guide your travels. And hey, hit us up after watching and comment below. Ask us anything – we’d love to hear from you.

– HFG.

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