Hood Food Guide Presents: North Fitzroy with Karen Batson (Executive Chef at Cookie, The Toff, Magic Mountain, Boney & Colonel Tan’s)

Hood Food Guide Presents: North Fitzroy with Karen Batson (Executive Chef at Cookie, The Toff, Magic Mountain, Boney & Colonel Tan’s)

In Hood Food Guide Episode Four, well-known Melbourne chef Karen Batson– Executive Chef of the monster machine that is Cookie, The Toff In Town, Magic Mountain Saloon, Colonel Tan’s, and Boney– shows us around her hood: North Fitzroy.


You don’t create the menus at some of the most successful restaurants in the city without knowing how to eat. While Karen’s trendy restaurants feature mainly crazy-good Thai-fusion cuisine, this lady likes to tuck in at some true neighbourhood spots. Join us for a Bombolone and a coffee at Loafer Bread, then onwards to Neighbourhood Wine Room for martinis, pool and Steak. We’ll meet up with her partner Gaye Laing (Dog groomer to the Dog Stars), and friends Daniel Ippoliti (Manager at Magic Mountain Saloon) and Jason Gabriel (owner of Bertie’s Butcher) to mangiare some great Italian food prepared two ways: light and seafood-based at Pinotta and rustic and casual pizza at Supermaxi.

QUICK TIPS: Check out our snapshot of the North Fitzroy episode. We’ve put the highlights in writing for you.



North Fitzroy is about as different from Fitzroy as it is from the CBD. While the two share a part of their names, North Fitzroy has far less of the hubub that Fitzroy sports, and far more quiet, leafy streets and leisurely, neighbourly activity. Otherwise known as Fitzroy North, it’s a place where the locals all seem to know each other and eat at each other’s restaurants and cafes. Most of the hype happens off of St Georges Road, but it’s a calm, pleasant hype. One that is inspired by a residential pleasure-taking in quality food, not happy hour cocktails.


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