Five Restaurants Perfect for Big Group Catch-Ups.

13 Apr Five Restaurants Perfect for Big Group Catch-Ups.

We all go through it. One of your overdue group catch-ups is coming up this week and finding the right restaurant is a pain in the ass. Your chat group of ten can’t seem to come up with anything and trying to organise these clowns makes you think let’s just stick to tagging each other in memes. 

We’ve got you with restaurants perfect for big group catch-ups. They’ve plenty of seating, don’t have a dress code, and have kitchens that can hack your numbers – the only things you really need aside from good company to pull off big group catch-ups. If this is your group, consult this list.

Hinoki Japanese Pantry (Japanese)

 279 Smith Street, Fitzroy

You’re all about healthy group catch-ups. Do your thing with super fresh and delicious sushi at Hinoki Japanese Pantry. Get it take away and enjoy at home or al fresco in the park after your weekend workout.

Feast On: Fresh AF sushi with up to 89 options plus an eclectic Japanese grocer for those wanting to do their thing at home.

Go-To Dish: Chirashi Sushi for lunch and the ‘Large Sushi Mix’ for $52 will feed a big group. It looks pretty sweet, too.

Vibe: Healthy AF, and fast.

Listed By: Daniel Wilson (Huxtaburger)

hinoki japanese pantry is Melbourne's best Japanese for group catch-ups hoodfoodguide_whats_good_wednesdays_daniel_wilson_melbourne

Robert Burns Hotel (Spanish)

376 Smith Street, Collingwood

Burnsy’s Spanish institution is for group catch-ups with large appetites aka meet night with your football/netball/live action role play team. Why? Paella. The servings are huge, they can feed two people and rated as the best paella in Fitzroy, and potentially Melbourne.

Feast On: The Paella’s rice is slightly crunchy and crispy wherever it touches the pan with no cheap chorizo in sight that every other gringo puts in this rice-heavy stomach filler.

Go-To Dish: Squid ink paella with cuttlefish and scallops (Paella Negra con Aioli) and chorizo.

Vibe: Country pub cross tapas bar (weird but it works)

Listed By: Alejandro Saravia (Co-owner & Head Chef of Pastuso).

Robert Burns Hotel is Melbourne's best group catch-up restaurant by Alejandro Saravia for Hood Food Guide's What's Good Wednesday

Bluebonnet Barbecue (American BBQ)

32 St. George’s Road, North Fitzroy

After being smoked for 14hrs in-house (hello, you last Saturday night), this traditional Texan fare couldn’t be anything but gob-smacking. It’s time to get your hands dirty and ready for a chorus of moans, groans and lip-smacking.

Feast On: Smoked meat from pretty much anything with legs, plus a sneaky jackfruit option for the vegetarians. Top it up with a mountain of sides from classic potato salad to marrow.

Must Try: Set menu for six is the go-to. Watch 300gm of meat from all over the menu be served to each diner. Go full USA and wash it down with their whisky selection.

Vibe: Brooklyn.

Listed By: Matt Lane (Mamasita and Hotel Jesus)

Bluebonnet Barbecue is Melbourne's best group catch-up spot for What's Good Wednesdays by Matt Lane for Hood Food Guide

Jinda Thai

1-7 Ferguson Street, Abbotsford

She’s Chin Chin’s 100% Thai sister with just as much sass but won’t break your bank – it’s BYO wine and $7 beers, yo! Hark back to the good old days and make a ‘booking’ – a bonus for group catch-ups that need to plan weeks in advance.

Feast On: Authentic Thai flavours that haven’t been diluted by Western influence. Rice paper rolls are made on demand and soups are thickened with pig’s blood. Don’t be fooled by the innocent-looking papaya salad. She, ah… she burns.

Go-To Dish: Beef boat noodles that taste just like they do when served hawker style on Bangkok riverboats

Vibe: Busy, squishy, yet nice.

Listed By: Matt Lane (Mamasita and Hotel Jesus)

Jinda Thai is Melbourne's best thai restaurant for group catch-ups - hoodfoodguide_whats_good_wednesdays_matt_lane_mamasita_hotel_jesus_melbourne

Dainty Fish & Grill Co. (Chinese)

338 Clayton Rd, Clayton

If you’re willing to travel for a good feed, do your group catch-up at Dainty. You’ll be rewarded with a hefty wood grill and authentic grub that’ll make your eyes water.

Feast On: Chinese food that puts your local takeaway joint to shame. Pick seafood straight from the tank and don’t skip the lamb skewers. PSA: Not for the faint-hearted – there’s no such thing as mild at Dainty.

Go-To Dish: Whole fish, mustard green soup topped with lamb bones with beer on tap or tower of watermelon juice.

Vibe: Backyard BBQ brought indoors.

Listed By: Thi Le (Co-owner & Head Chef at Anchovy).

Dainty Fish & Grill is Melbourne's best group catch-up in Clayton by Chef Thi Le for Hood Food Guide's What's Good Wednesday





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