Dexter Meat and Buns: Pig’s Heads and Pickle Backs in Preston

Dexter is the best BBQ in Preston

31 Mar Dexter Meat and Buns: Pig’s Heads and Pickle Backs in Preston

Modern day meat mavens unite! X marks the spot where you’ll find the best piece of rump in Preston. On which fine beast you ask? Dexter of course.

WATCH: Dexter in Treat Yo’Self Preston with Mamasita’s Matt Lane. It’s a good one.

No longer do you need to trek to the city for city-quality grub when you have venue in Preston that wouldn’t look out of place amongst the hyped up shit in the CBD. That’s right. Dexter has brought the restaurant trend set by popular Melbourne venues we see every day to Preston:

1 High-class fit out;

2. Witty menu names;

3. Instagrammable drinks list

4. ‘Seriously casual’, approachable staff; and

5. Incredible attention to detail and immersion in their niche – dude food.

Overall, they’re polished as, and they stick out like a dog’s balls in Preston. Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ you don’t see everyday.

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Meet Dexter, he’s fit as.

Dexter’s creative approach to barbeque was born from the brains of brothers Sam and Tom Peasnell and friend Adam Goldblatt, whose collective capabilities make seemingly light work. This talented-trio know what they’re doing, and better yet, know how to do it well.

The fit out? Exposed brick, crisp white walls and hanging pot plants create a tidy space indicative of Melbourne’s love for clean interiors and minimalistic style when dining out. As you sit at the deep wooden bar, the open kitchen reveals the cool, calm collectiveness of the kitchen staff as they move through service like a well-oiled machine. The service is casual and sociable making you feel like you’ve been and come back. And the food! We reckon it‘s the best we’ve seen in this up-and-coming hood.

72 hours slow cooking: This is the real deal

Aside from being innovative, skilled and f***ing super friendly, the guys at Dexter know how to handle their meat. Utilising techniques that maximise flavour and minimise time come service; the result is perfectly cooked, incredibly tender, melt in your mouth stuff. Every time. Think Slow Cooked Pork, Smokey Beef Brisket and Bone Marrow Mash, because they’re clever and they can.

They treat their meat how any meat wants to be treated – the right way

With a menu heavily influenced by Tom’s time at Pitt Cue Co. in London, what separates Dexter from the countless other American-style eateries in Melbourne is their ‘meat first’ philosophy. Each dish is created based on the unique qualities of the cut, paying homage to the low and slow traditions of American barbeque.

Artisanal butchery is making a comeback

With a bounty of nose-to-tail know how, these boys are dishing up generous servings of porcine pleasure. Breaking down most of their meat on-site, Dexter is shaping the resurgence of craft butchery with menu items like Pigs Head Croquettes and Caramel Beef Short Ribs – sourcing their meat from Rangers Valley, O’Connor’s and David Blackmore.

Word on the Street

Dexter makes a fresh batch of pickles every day. It’s their bread and butter. Chase a shot of Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky with the precious, not-too-acidic pickle juice. They’re only five bucks so you’ll knock back a few before, between and after feasting.

The Hot Meat Donuts are a staff and punter favourite. Paired with a Smoked Maple Espresso Martini, this winning combination gets the nod of approval from those in the kitchen and the boys behind the bar.

Oh, and they offer pretty much the whole menu takeaway. Another tick.


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456 High St, Preston

VIC 3072

(03) 9973 3577



Words by Elise Assim

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