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06 Dec Bistro Thierry

Bistro Thierry – We’re not here to eat. We’re here to dine.


There’s just something about a classic French bistro that all the rooftops and rice paper rolls in Australia can’t replace. In Melbourne’s ever-trendy restaurant scene, where customers froth over Asian-inspired Tapas, Fruit-Infused Whiskey Cocktails, and ear-blasting beats, it’s refreshing to engage in a dining experience that stays consistent across countries and through time.

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That’s what Bistro Thierry in Toorak gives its diners – an experience. You don’t go there because it’s the flavour of the month. You go to Bistro Thierry so you can experience the thrill of a waiter with old-school class in a double breasted jacket reciting the menu to you in French. You go so you can sip on a glass of perfectly chilled champagne as you enjoy good conversation and a couple of Oysters, freshly shucked behind the bar. You’ll alternate between looking into your partner’s eyes and looking at the menu, never at your phone. Yes, never at your phone. You’ll order your meal before you order your wine, and you’ll be conscious of the placement of silverware and of your posture.

“French cuisine was here yesterday, it is here today, and it will be here tomorrow,” said owner Thierry Cornevin. He’s half of the experience. Born in France and raised in Australia, Thierry is the ultimate host. On any given day, you can catch him in his waiter’s jacket, taking orders, running food, or engaging in witty half-French, half-English banter with his guests.

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If you don’t venture into the original foodie heaven to be charmed to pieces by Thierry, you should, at the very least, come for Le Steak Frites. Chef Fred Naud, internationally renowned and famous for his work with Le Cirque in New York and Jonahs in New South Wales, serves up the best steak in Melbourne, French or no. It is a simple enough dish; a 250 gram Eye Fillet served with Fries and a choice of sauce. But damned if that isn’t the tastiest cow we’ve ever had the pleasure of masticating. The quality of the meat makes all the difference, and Thierry is very fussy about his meat. He checks each delivery of well-fed, properly-aged meats personally to ensure dependable excellence.

If a true bistro is anything, it’s dependable. You know you’re going to get a high quality meal in a comfortable and cosy setting – no surprises. At Bistro Thierry, locals and first-timers alike feel instantly welcomed amid the padded deep purple walls and framed French posters. The atmosphere can project fantasies in any good romantic of chilly autumn days spent tucked away inside a Paris bistro, your belly warmed by Beef a la Bourguignonne and an aged Bordeaux.

QUICK TIPS: A Snapshot Guide To Bistro Thierry

Getting There: Trying to park on Malvern is a bitch with clearway zones when you want to eat. There’s some paid parking spots close by, like in Toorak Place or on Jackson Street. Tram 34 to South Yarra goes past Williams Road/Malvern Road, so that’s always an option. If not, you’re close to Hawksburn train station. If you’re on a date, treat yourself and your guest to an Uber, because you’re going to Thierry’s!

Come for: Thierry. His Steak Frites is also incredible, as are the Oysters (extremely fresh). There isn’t enough room on this page for all the great things here.

Bistro Thierry

511 Malvern Road

Toorak, VIC 3142

03 9824 0888


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