Gone in 60 Seconds – Billy Van Creamy Gelato Truck

Billy Van Creamy Gelato Truck in Northcote.

31 Mar Gone in 60 Seconds – Billy Van Creamy Gelato Truck

Billy Van Creamy has got the best organic gelato in the city, and now you can get it everyday at their pop-up shop in Fitzroy.


A stationery store for a constant gelato fix

No longer do you have to just hope to stumble upon a Billy Van Creamy gelato cart or truck. Since the beginning of this year, the organic gelato makers and sellers have opened up shop in Fitzroy, and they have been received more than well.

Locally sourced organic ingredients really make a difference

Billy Van Creamy has gained a following in Melbourne for churning out the best sort of ice cream, made with organic and local ingredients, when possible. They use egg yolks instead of chemicals and make their mixes in-store and in small batches to ensure the best possible taste.

At any one time, they’ll have 12 flavours on at the pop-up, from seasonal Sorbets that change every week to standard Gelato flavours like Hazelnut, Espresso, Vanilla, Chocolate and Chocolate Mint. 

More than just gelato

Alex Wells, director, says that with winter coming, the creamery will be experimenting with hot dishes to go with their Ice Cream, like warm Brownies. They’ve even done an Ice Cream Sandwich collaboration with Butterbean Cookies. They’ll also be offering filtered coffees, Affogatos and the like.

“We plan to do more now that we’ve got the store open and the kitchen to ourselves,” said Wells.

Word on the Street

Get after some of their special flavours like their Hot Cross Bun gelato.

Also their Choc Mint gelato will be the best Choc Mint you’ve ever had. It’s nothing like the gross, green chemically-enhanced Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream of the days of old. They use fresh, organic Mint and pure white Vanilla Ice Cream that doesnt leave that stale, chemical taste on your palette.


Billy Van Creamy

27/29 Best Street

Fitzroy North, VIC 3068


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Words by Rebecca Bellan

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