Have You Eaten Melbourne’s Best Steak? We Have.

Have You Eaten Melbourne’s Best Steak? We Have.

How far would you travel for the best steak in Melbourne?

It goes without saying; steak is a big deal in Australia (saying you’ve found the best steak is, too). When you can get a standard steak and a pot at your local for $12, where’s the motivation to go out of your way for one costing you thrice that?

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Nick Coulter has made the bold claim of saying Bistro Thierry in Toorak has the “number one steak in Melbourne.”

“This is why I come here,” he said, using his knife to point with intent at his plate on the white tablecloths of the French restaurant. A beautifully presented, chargrilled 250 gram eye fillet rested on a pool of Red Wine and Shallot sauce next to a metal basket filled with crispy French Fries.

Owner Thierry Cornevin is a firm believer that the quality of the steak makes all the difference. The bistro gets theirs from Ralph’s Meats, a supplier that provides 40 day-aged, grass fed, Yarra Valley Black Angus beef.

“I’m very particular about our steaks,” said Thierry. “I touch it, and if it’s not right, it goes back. It’s got to be perfect…if it’s not good enough for me to eat, you won’t eat it.”

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Would you go out of your way for a traffic-stopping steak such as this one? Where would you label as having the best steak in Melbourne, and what lengths would you go to trying it?

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Words By Rebecca Bellan.

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