Snapshot: Preston’s Best Four Venues and Why, Listed

Best food in Preston with Matt Lane and Hood Food Guide

24 Mar Snapshot: Preston’s Best Four Venues and Why, Listed

Matt Lane, owner of legendary Mamasita in the CBD, is our host for Hood Food Guide Episode five, proudly capping off our first season. We like to give you something out of the ordinary, so check out a rundown of the venues in Preston where we ate.


Making the trip up to the actual Northern suburb of Preston usually only follows a burning desire for crazy authentic ethnic food of the Middle Eastern and Asian persuasion or a need to save “23 dollars a week” in a “Californian bungalow in a cul-de-sac.” However, now we’re seeing a change in Preston that’s making it much less depressing and much more delicious. The hood is catching up to what the rest of the Melbourne culinary food scene has already been snickering about behind its back, and it might just be doing it better.


Boundary Espresso

Why: Boundary is the pioneer of cool coffee shops in Preston, and for that, we thank them. It’s a sweet local spot with contemporary food and drinkable, frothy coffee that transports you to a less industrial suburb, where the coffee beans are fairly traded for and there’s always a staple Mushroom-on-Toast dish.

Eat: The Chorizo Baked Eggs. Heat-filled Sausage with a generous and appreciated amount of smashed Avocado to cool it down.

Get There: The 86 tram to Bundoora RMIT runs right up High Street, so it will take you to all the highlights in Preston. For Boundary, jump off at Raglan Street and Plenty Road.

Contact: Boundary Espresso

   107 Plenty Road

   Preston, VIC 3072

    03 9484 0260

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One Noodle Friendship

Why: Because nowhere else in Australia, let alone Melbourne, offers hand-stretched noodles and dumplings like these guys do. They are a friendly local spot to visit with loved ones and a place to soak up the booze when you’re hungover all in one.

Eat: Obviously any organic, handmade dumpling or noodle dish, like the Pickled Cabbage and Shredded Pork Noodle Soup. Don’t pass up on their other offerings, like the Five Spice Beef or Deep Fried Eggplant with a homemade Peanut and Sesame Sauce.

Get There: The 86 tram splits off High Street into Plenty Road before you hit One Noodle Friendship, but you can still ride it up to Gower Street or Murray Road and walk your fine self west for a block or two.

Contact: One Noodle Friendship

   417-419 High Street

   Preston, VIC 3072

   03 9478 4590

Stalk Them: No social media. Do it the old fashioned way.


Chew Burger

Why: Chew Burger makes the burger you want when you want a burger. Simple, to the point and with wholesome ingredients, like American Cheese.

Eat: Get the classic Chew Burger, their house burger, with the traditional amount of Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pickles, Tomato Sauce and Cheese. What else could you want? Well, maybe the Parmesan Fries or the crunchy Onion Rings.

Get There: The 86 tram will take you right to Plenty Road. Get off at Seymour Street for some burgers.

Contact: Chew Burgers

   147 Plenty Road

   Preston, VIC 3072

   03 9484 9720

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United Arab Eatery

Why: United Arab Eatery brings Middle Eastern hospitality to Melbourne’s north, with a range of culinary influences from Turkey to Morocco. You feel immediately at home inside due to a combination of lived-in decor and friendly and attentive staff.

Eat: The Beetroot Chicken Salad and the Lamb Pizza.

Get There: If you’re making your way uptown, the 86 to Bundoora RMIT will take you to UAE. Just hop off at Raglan Street and Plenty Road.

Contact: United Arab Eatery

   107 High Street, Preston

   VIC 3072

   03 9480 4044

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