WATCH: What’s Grub Got To Do With It? Northcote’s Best Date Spot With Jesse Gerner.

WATCH: What’s Grub Got To Do With It? Northcote’s Best Date Spot With Jesse Gerner.

The Estelle Bistro is without a doubt our choice, and Jesse Gerner’s, for the best date spot in Northcote.


Estelle Bistro is the kind of venue you’d bring home to meet your parents, both elegant yet down to earth. She’s dark and sultry on the inside, yet warm and inviting on the outside, and she serves up some mean grub. What’s grub got to do with it, you might ask? Everything.

“Half the date is sorted if the food’s good,” said Jesse Gerner, owner of Añada, Bomba, Green Park, Pierre’s and Hood Food Guide’s host for Northcote.

WATCH: Hood Food Guide: Episode Three, Northcote, With Jesse Gerner.

On any given night, you can walk into the Estelle, located on High Street, and estimate that 75 percent of the bookings, taken from 6 to 9 pm, are for two. That’s because everything from the mood lighting and dark-washed wood fixtures to the varied and accessible menu gives you everything you need for a perfect date.

The Estelle offers a Three Course Choice Menu and a Five Course Chef’s Tasting Menu, chosen on the date by the chef. If you’re going for choice, discuss the options with your date first so you can happily eat off each other’s plates. Perhaps one of you will order the Heirloom Tomatoes and the other the Spanner Crab to start, then move on to the Cauliflower and the Sher Wagyu, and finish big with a Cheese Plate and a Chocolate Tart.

For cautious first or second dates, it’s never not adorable to go for gold and share some snacks, Charcuterie Boards or Starters.

“It really starts the conversation when you’re picking at something,” said Gerner, hand reaching out for a slice of San Daniele Prosciutto.

Parmesan Fries with Faux Bacon are an all-around crowd pleaser, but also worthy of note are the Scotch Olives with Lamb and Fetta. If you’re both being politely indecisive about which board to get, let Estelle choose for you with the Bistro Estelle Selection. Wash it down with some good conversation and a bottle or two of Australian wine.

How is it the best date spot in Northcote? It’s made for it. They’ve even got a special Valentine’s Day menu sorted.

Estelle Bistro

243 High Street

Northcote, VIC 3070

03 9489 4609

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