Best Breakfast in Northcote: Red Door Corner Store

Red Door Corner Store Best Breakfast In Northcote: Hood Food Guide

28 Jan Best Breakfast in Northcote: Red Door Corner Store

Unless you’re a Northcote local, you may not have a reason to roll down the Mitchell Street hill off of High Street. Not unless you’re going to Red Door Corner Store, a milk bar turned cafe that is cute as a button and as down to earth as any Northcote neighbourhood resident. And, as Jesse Gerner puts it, the best breakfast in Northcote.

The blissfully air-conditioned interior is at once clean and comfortable. The day’s newspapers are draped lazily over a ladder and glass milk jugs framed and lined up as light fixtures pay a decorative homage to the milk bar theme. Vintage cooking utensils, lanterns and other knickknacks hang on the walls, courtesy of one of the owners, Shannon, who is the cafe’s pastry chef and an avid collector. The side door leads to an outdoor dining area, which will make you feel as if you’re in someone’s actual backyard rather than a cafe. The walk to the back is flanked by a wooden fence and lined with faux grass that extends to the dining area.

Local menu favourites are– the Dukkah Eggs, made with Crushed Avocado, Saffron-Roasted Peach, Persian Feta and Herb Salad, Pomegranate Pearls served on Flatbread– the Corn, Zucchini and Quinoa Fritters, served with Avocado, Romesco, Charred Corn Salsa and a Poached Egg– and the Benedict-Style Eggs, spiced up with Cider Slow-Braised Pulled Pork Shoulder, Apple and Pecan, and Crackling, served on a housemade Crumpet and topped with Hollandaise.

We suggest you attempt to save room for dessert (yes, for breakfast) because the pastry options are just as dreamy. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich with a Raspberry Cream filling is mouthwatering, but you really cannot go wrong with any of the sweets. Red Door is a wholesaler to many cafes and restaurants in Melbourne, so feel free to take some goodies to go, along with a few of the milk bar’s options for local produce, like Gippsland eggs, fresh milk from David’s dairy in Fitzroy or Melbourne Almond Milk.

The best breakfast in Northcote? Hard to argue with Jesse. If you think you know the best breakfast in Northcote, tell us in the comments below and tag your tasty Instagram pics with #myhoodfoodguide. Chop chop.

Red Door Corner Store

70 Mitchell St, Northcote, VIC 3070

(03) 9489 8040


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