An Authentic French Dining Experience in Melbourne

An Authentic French Dining Experience in Melbourne

Bistro Thierry in Toorak offers the truest French dining experience in the city. From the moment you’re greeted at the door with a Bonsoir, until the moment you take your last sip of champagne, you’ll forget you’re still in Australia. Trust Hood food Guide to discover more purely authentic food experiences in the pockets of Melbourne’s thriving multicultural society.


Multiculturalism lends itself to fusion cuisine. It’s a beautiful thing that allows for a range of flavour. Thai meets modern Australian, Korean is mixed with Japanese, Italian merges with Peruvian.

But there’s nothing quite like that authentic experience, that true-to-the-core meal that makes you forget you’re in one of the most multicultural cities in the world. We all crave the chance to celebrate a local food scene that not only does “foreign food,” but also transports their guests to a new city where they can explore a culture through food and atmosphere.

“When I started Bistro Thierry, the whole idea was that when you walk in the door, it had to sound French, look French and be French,” said Thierry Cornevin, owner of Bistro Thierry in Toorak. We met Thierry in Episode One of Hood Food Guide.

WATCH: Episode One of Hood Food Guide With Bistro Thierry and Thierry Cornevin.

This Frenchman with an Australian accent succeeded in his desire to create a true French dining experience in the heart of Toorak, from the clean cut French-speaking waiters to the Escargots a la Bourguignonne, the vintage posters on the deep purple walls to the large, yet accessible, wine list.

“French cuisine is here today, was here yesterday and will be here tomorrow,” said Thierry.

And French cuisine doesn’t stop with the plate, although that is the main attraction. Each bite of your Pan Seared Scallops or Slow Roasted Saltbush Lamb Rack is at once decadent and just enough. You’ll chew each bite slowly to savour the layers of taste, and you’ll wash it down with a very good wine. The waiters at Bistro Thierry flow as if each step they took was choreographed. They do not just serve your meals. They create a dining experience, from the suave wine suggestions, to the correct placement of silverware with each course, to the precision with which they pour hot chocolate into your soufflé.

Have we grabbed your attention? Are you already planning on what you’ll wear and who you’ll take to this classic establishment for the ultimate French dining experience? Are you refreshing your high school French? Well lucky for you hoodlums we’re giving away a dinner for two at Bistro Thierry with our #ajollyhoodxmas giveaway, which goes live today (enter via our Facebook and Instagram @hoodfoodguide). Read on to see what the owner Thierry Cornevin has to say about the importance of creating authentic cuisine and experiences.

WIN: Dinner for Two At Bistro Thierry in Hood Food Guide’s #ajollyHOODxmas Giveaway.

Stay tuned as we continue to check out the best authentic foreign experiences in the city, like Jim’s Greek Restaurant in Collingwood, which we visit in Episode Two of Hood Food Guide. Grilled octopus and lamb on a spit, anyone?

WATCH: Episode Two of Hood Food Guide in Collingwood With Jim’s Greek Tavern.

Hey, Hoodlum! Yeah, you. Know of a place in Melbourne who’s international food is so good, you’d swear you were in another country? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’re always hungry for the real thing.


Words by Rebecca Bellan.

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