Best Coffee in Collingwood: Aunty Peg’s

Aunty Peg's Coffee in Collingwood

10 Jan Best Coffee in Collingwood: Aunty Peg’s

They call it the “cellar door” to Proud Mary’s Coffee Roasters.

A strange way to describe a coffee place, but Aunty Peg’s is a step outside and above the ordinary, even for Melbourne’s lofty standards. As noted by our host, Casey Wall, for Hood Food Guide Episode Two, “Aunty Peg’s has the best coffee in Collingwood, if not the world. To be on top of the game in the biggest coffee city in the world is pretty inspiring.” 

WATCH: Aunty Peg’s in Episode Two of Hood Food Guide: Collingwood w Rockwell & Sons’ Casey Wall & Manu Potoi.

Blink and you’ll certainly miss the entrance to the coffee roasters pouring the best coffee in Collingwood, crisp and unassuming as its facade appears on Wellington Street, a rather bare part of the neighbourhood. The place greets you like a warehouse, with lots of noise and the promise of a big industrial space in the back, administration offices and coffee college on the floor above. Only there’s sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows brightening the place up instead of fluorescents, and the smell of coffee roasting is inviting enough to make anyone want to saunter up to the sleek, light-wooden bar and lock eyes with the coffee-tender as he or she soothingly explains how things work at Aunty Peg’s.

The coffee-genius behind the bar will hand you a glass of tepid water, presumably to clear your palette. Then they will begin the penetrating journey of the growth and life cycle of the cup of coffee that they are tenderly preparing for you as they speak. On the menu will be three strains of the same bean, each with different taste notes and accents. Apparently, the experts taste the coffee in a variety of ways, from cold drip to filter brew to espresso, sampling their cups in intervals to see what flavours they can pick up on at different temperatures. You might be expected to do this, and you’ll probably even want to after your coffee-master has finished holding your hand through the process and offers you up a cup of perfectly poured java.

You’ll stick as much of your face as you can in the clear, stemless wine glass and inhale before teasing yourself by letting it rest. You almost want to ask permission before you take the first sip, but when you do, it will taste like a hug.

You don’t go to Aunty Peg’s to sit down with a leisurely strong latte, the milk frothed and heated just so. You go to Aunty Peg’s to get an intimate experience with your cup of coffee, hold the milk. You go to Aunty Peg’s to experience the best coffee in Collingwood, if not the world.

Aunty Peg’s

200 Wellington St, Collingwood VIC 3066

(03) 9417 1333

Every day 8:00am – 5:00pm


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